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Exotic Dancers

A Question of Deviancy? Comparing Exotic Dancers and Female University Students – Cory L. Pedersen, Amanda R. Champion, Cassandra Hesse, & Brodie J. Lewis

In the last few years, sex has become more acceptable in mainstream culture. People take pole dancing classes as a form of recreation, the amount of sex shown in movies and on television is rising, and people host passion or sex toy parties quite often. It was hypothesized that this rise in the acceptance of sex and sexuality may have also led to an increase in acceptance of exotic dancing.  This study compared the personality characteristics, attitudes towards sex, self-esteem, and attitudes toward exotic dance and dancers within a group of exotic dancers to a group of female university students. Results revealed that, contrary to popular belief, exotic dancers and university students were very similar in levels of self-esteem, personality characteristics, and attitudes towards exotic dance.

Article published in the journal Sexuality and Culturedoi: 10.1007/s12119-015-9292-3

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