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Kari Walton
Research Assistant

Kari is a KPU student who is nearing the completion of her BA honours degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Counselling. Specifically, her honours thesis investigates heterosexual men’s motivations for engaging in a form of street harassment known as ‘catcalling’. Kari maintains strong interest in a wide variety of research topics including paraphilias and sexual deviancy, gender roles, sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual harassment, and sexual stereotypes, to name a few. Currently, Kari’s ambitions are torn between pursuing a career in counselling psychology and a career in sexology/gender studies. 


When not busy being a student/researcher, Kari spends her time enjoying nature documentaries (and nature realities), working on casual art projects, giggling at memes on the internet, and repeat-watching her favourite adult cartoons.