Dr. Cory Pedersn
Dr. Cory Pedersen

Principle Investigator & Lab Director


Cory Pedersen earned her Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2004.  After teaching many years as a graduate student at UBC and adjunct instructor at Kwantlen, Cory was hired full-time at KPU in 2005.


Her interest in human sexuality began in 2007, with research on developmental trends in the adolescent sexual timetable.  She developed the very popular course, Psychology 3010 (Human Sexuality) in 2008 and has been immersed in sexology ever since. 


In 2011, Cory founded the Observations and Research in Gender and Sexuality Matters Lab to further her interests, providing students an opportunity to gain valuable research experience. Since its inception, several collaborative projects with the lab have been presented at psychology conferences and in publication. 


In her free time, Cory can be found golfing and dancing poorly, reading prolifically, and loving movies, binge-worthy television shows, her family, and her dog.

Cory's CV is available here.