Jenn Clark
Senior Research Assistant

Jenn completed her BA in Psychology with distinction from Kwantlen Polytechnic in 2013. After completing her degree, Jenn worked for UBC’s Faculty of Medicine in Faculty Development, designing and conducting research on educating doctors about how to teach.  

Jenn is currently completing her MA at UBC in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice (GRSJ). Her thesis examines how the sexual scripts of women who sleep with women (WSW) are learned, how they function as subjugation in the WSW communities, and how the impact of this suppression results in an altered sense of self. Jenn is currently applying to PhD programs in similar interdisciplinary sexuality studies programs.

Jenn’s research interests include the social scripting of gender and of sexuality; social conformity; and the marginalization of the sexual self and the sexual other.